5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Copywriter for Your Marketing

Writing Your Own Content Could be Costing You Money


If you have a background in marketing, great! But what if you don’t?

Many business owners, especially those just starting out, tend to write their own marketing materials.

But you could be missing out. Potential customers who want to do business with you, can’t find you.

Are you losing money because of ineffective advertising?

Why use a copywriter? Here’s 5 reasons why you should.


5 – Less Stress

– Attend to more important tasks instead of sitting at your computer writing
– You get more personalized service working with a freelance copywriter
– Your marketing is done right


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Money in the bank, what’s not to love?

4 – Save Money

– No employee costs like health insurance, worker compensation or lost time from work due to emergencies or vacation
– Hiring a firm to conduct your marketing research and content development costs BIG BUCKS
– Some freelance copywriters will cut their rates for long-term/ongoing projects



3 – ROI (return on investment) Benefits

– Targeted, relevant and well written content boosts engagement, followers and potentially profit
– Content that connects with your customers creates trust – people tend to buy/use services they trust more

2 – Copywriters Are Trained for What You Need

Strong content makes your company stand out from the competition.

– A copywriter can help take the guess work out of marketing strategies
– They’re a story teller, fact finder and content builder all in one
– Persuasive writing techniques get more conversions
– Knowledge of your niche
– Not stressed out or overworked from working at a large marketing firm

1 – Save Time

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Spend time with the family, not your marketing content.

– Keep your time to build your business

– Spend time doing things you love with people you love

– Researching what to write and how you should write your various ads

There are so many benefits to getting a copywriter to help your marketing.  These are only a few.

Can you think of more upsides to working with a content/copy writer?   Please share them in the comments.

Have you ever worked with a copywriter? What was your experience? Share your opinions, I’d love to hear them.

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