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Business Must Haves – The Copywriter’s Value

Not knowing the value of a copywriter is costing you $$$


Copywriting – How your customers “get” your story

The reason you started your business should be told.  You never did fit in with the regular 9-5 gang and you’ve always felt you were meant for more, to stand out in your own way.  I’m right there with you!

But why should your customers care about why you started your new endeavor?

A copywriter can get to the root of the “why” people should care.  Most consumers never want to hear about your services or product, they just want to hear about what’s in it for them.

That type of writing takes some time to learn.  Copywriters put in that time.  Or, at least the good ones do.  The great copywriters make a habit of learning their craft constantly.

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This type of hype doesn’t work for 99% of consumers. Try a different approach.


Of course, you can DIY all of your marketing and test your skills. However, companies that have a devoted marketing team usually do better in sales and engaging their customers.


How does a copywriter add value to your business?

Market research

Do you find all your own information on your competitors, ideal target audience, forums, customer language, needs and concerns?

It takes a lot of time.  Time away from either running your business or spending time doing things you love.


Identifying your target audience

Copywriters take the time to seek out who your ideal customer is through that same market research.

Most businesses fail due to a poorly planned marketing strategy. They just don’t think about who they are selling to. Or how they can relate to them.

A quality content writer will make sure they find out who your VIP is.

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Finding the right people who want what you offer is a step most entrepreneurs skip.


Writing to their needs and concerns

You and I usually buy from companies we can relate to or that seem to “get us.”

My clients are the same and I’m sure yours are too.




However, you must get to know me before you can really connect with me and get me to buy your product or use your service.  Otherwise, I won’t listen or buy.   I’m just that type of person, LOL.


For best results in your marketing – get a copywriter

The ROI is worth it

Everyone who runs a business wants to have an amazing Return on Investment (ROI) with almost everything they add to their company.

Whenever you put in some time or drop a bundle on rent for office space, you want to know that you will get that money back.  Plus some.

That’s just smart business.

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Take the necessary steps to bring the most to your marketing. Get a copywriter.

Partnering with a dependable, trusted and talented copywriter is a must for any business.  If you want to stay in touch with your customer base, fans, investors and anyone else, consider connecting with a content writer.

Be comfortable and clear about what you need for your company’s marketing. Then you’ll be ready to find a compatible copywriter for your brand who knows how to get your company’s tone of voice down and message spread.

For more on how you can find a good copywriter visit my blog next week for the next installment of this series.

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By the way…

If you feel like you may need help with your business’s marketing, I can help.  Pop on over to my contact page and give me some quick info and I’ll be connecting with you soon.



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  1. Excellent article! Professional copywriters know how to remove the marketing blunders and get you higher ROI. They’re valuable!

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