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How to Create an Avatar for Your Business

If you haven’t figured out who your perfect customer is yet, you’re losing the game. Taking the time to figure out exactly who needs your service or product is well worth it.


What is an Avatar?

It’s another way of saying “customer profile.” It’s a key element of every business. Without it, you can’t market your products or services effectively.

So, how do you create an avatar for your business?


What you need to know about your customer.

• What keeps them up at night? What problems do they face regularly?
• Who are you serving? Women, men or children?
• What is the age range of your customers?
• Personal Income/social status
• Education and life achievements
• What’s their name?

The more information you have about who they are as a person, the better. After all, the more you know about someone, the easier it is to have a conversation with them.


Why is an Avatar So Important?

Finding out who really wants what you’re selling makes marketing easier and more cost effective.

It helps if you know where to look for people.  

Ever watch any of the CSI shows? Creating a customer profile is kind of like how a profiler works at their job.

customer profiles, customer, business avatar, customer avatar, perfect customer, small business, entrepreneur, black owned business

You’ll find more than a dollar when you have your company’s customer profile in place for your marketing!

Study the habits and characteristics of a person and you can figure out a lot about where they like to go, things they like to do, and buy.


These types of things will help you find out where to advertise, sponsor an event or even how to target them on Facebook (with an ad) much easier.




Perfecting the Perfect Pick-Up Line for Your Potential Client

Well, not really a pick-up line…

Finding and then talking to your ideal customer base is sort of like flirting with someone you want to date.  You must know the right things to say.

Knowing the search topics and words your ideal client uses when they are looking for the service or product you offer is HUGE.

If you use terms that they aren’t using and looking up in Google, you’re missing out. BIG TIME.

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It’s all about what your customers want. But you have to know how to found out what they want.

No communication, means no sale.  Find more on How to Connect with Your Customers, here



How to Create Your Brand’s Avatar

There’s two ways to get an Avatar for your brand.

  • Pay someone to do it for you.
  • Do it yourself and test results.





Steps for Creating Your Customer Profile


  • Grab a sheet of paper or open a new document in your favorite word processor
  • List the people you have already done business with (free work too), each having their own column – don’t worry if you haven’t worked with anyone yet, just follow along with the process
  • For each person you’ve helped, list the ways you helped them achieve their goal/s. Or imagine a person you would love to help with your offer
  • List their age, sex, occupation/income, hobbies, accomplishments and desires
  • Find the common theme/thread that they all share – there lots of clues in this step, so don’t skip it
  • Now visualize a person, give them a description, give them life. Know them well.  Because every time you sit down to write anything about your product or service, you will be talking to them and only them


Do your own research about who your perfect client is or hire someone to do it for your business.


Final Thoughts…

Make your new client avatar your new Bestie.  The best friend you created your business for.  The same friend that is supporting your business by coming to you.
You give them value through being caring and professional enough to know what they want, how they like to be treated, and where they hang out.


Finding out more about the people you care about is relationship building 101.  By having a solid customer profile for your company means you’re connecting with potential customers and that’s good for business.


Every time you sit down to write a Facebook or Twitter post, write the next newsletter or create your next new product – you’re speaking to your perfect customer.


They need what you have.  Maybe they don’t know it yet.  Maybe they don’t know where to find it.


Will you know how to find them when they’re ready?


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