Entrepreneurship – The Real American Dream & My Story

How life can make your whole life change.

Where do I apply?

When you think of the American dream, what comes to mind?

It could be what most of us who are born are programmed to think – Great job, nice home, a family with 2.5 children and a partridge in a pear tree.

While that dream is very popular, no one tells you how to go about getting those things.

The suggestion: go to school (get into debt), earn a degree (stress galore), get the perfect job (yeah, right!), and all the rest falls into place.

Simple right?


I wanted to be a veterinarian, then I saw the movie “Backdraft” and wanted to be a firefighter. Military life looked interesting too, briefly.

I was not an all-star student.  No college fund or scholarship here, I had to figure something out.

What was a girl to do?

This girl ended up going to work at the Post Office.
A family tradition.

Five years later, I quit before I got fired.

I hate all things traditional…

They were literally going to fire me, so I did them a favor.

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Myself and three people I miss everyday.
My brother, father and Ma all worked for the postal service before me.

A Shit Storm of J.O.B.S.


  • Gas station attendant – Sucked
  • Children’s group home staff – Fun, but sad
  • Temporary labor for staffing agency- This sucked too
  • Newspaper distribution staff – Interesting experience, but no upward mobility
  • Convenience store clerk – Sucked 2.0
  • Sandwich maker – Wanted out of the previous job
  • Restaurant manager – Worked my way up
  • Fast food manager – Fast food should be a nationally required job. People are not so kind when buying crappy food. Who knew?
  • Human services staff – Rewarding and emotionally draining


I’ve been all over the place as far as jobs go.  None of them suited me.

Now I know it was the other way around.  I wasn’t suited for them.

I’m one of the rebels. The ones who some call – The Un-employables


Last stop – Anxiety Station

My last job (or so I thought), changed so rapidly with budget cuts and management turnover, that I ended up having to leave for three months because I was so stressed out.

It takes tons of energy to care for other humans who can’t fully take care of themselves.  And to deal with managers who don’t know if they’ll be employed after a month’s time.

My time off was much needed and difficult at the same time.  It was hard to make ends meet on 40% of my usual income that wasn’t enough to start with.

I needed a change, but I also needed to keep the roof overhead, among other things.


Have you ever known what you had to do but had no idea how, but it needed to happen last week?


entrepreneur, goals, american dream, entrepreneurship

Don’t get stressed out. Find a way to make frustration work for you.














I dreaded the talk with my wife about what I had in mind.

I couldn’t continue to work at the same job that was stressing me out.  I had developed anxiety about going back to the same nonsense.  Medication for anxiety was a serious option then.

I wanted to go back and put in my 2-week notice.   I had to.   For my sanity and wellbeing.

She agreed.


Shake it off, shake it off! OH, OH, OH…

I quit my job two weeks after returning.

I had a plan.

It didn’t work out.

Turns out entrepreneurship is much harder than anyone expects.

Even with a solid plan, the best ideas, a bit of savings and the drive of a space shuttle breaking through the atmosphere at full speed – sometimes…shit just takes time.


The plan was to get my first client within two months of quitting my job.


I was pitching to a ton of companies, having conversations with owners, sending out proposals left and right, and keeping my eye on the prize.

All in all, not much came of these things except a lot of experience in talking to people and writing pitches and proposals. Which I’m pretty good at now 😊.


new year 2018, small business, entrepreneurship,

Expect to do a lot in your first two years in business for yourself. #entrepreneurship



I had to find a reliable source of income.

I found a sales job with a solar company where I could make a decent amount to cover my bills.

But the most important thing about stepping back into a job role, it allowed me to set my own hours.

Funny thing happened a month and a half later. The company ended up letting me go, then going belly-up a few months later.

I was out of money again. The American dream was hard to come by.



As they say, nothing worth having comes easy.




Long drives don’t bother me – it’s the cold air and rain that kinda sucks…

Here’s the part that I think gave me so much resistance in writing this piece. I honestly didn’t want to admit it – especially publicly, to the whole world wide web.

But, know that stepping outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens.


I drive a newspaper route, part time, every night.


Just so you know, that was difficult to write.

I can’t set my own hours like the last job.  That’s not important though.


What is important is that I can still take care of my obligations while following my natural path to what I was meant to do.  Help others.

What’s meant for me will come through my determination, focused work and time.




Luckily, luck isn’t needed.

This post was initially meant to be dropped in November of 2017.  Here it is, January.

I wanted to be honest about everything I’ve been through as an entrepreneur and much that led me to the decision to be one.


It wasn’t easy to get this done.  RESISTANCE reared its ugly head many times during the crafting of this blog.

Now here it is.  In all its glory.  For all to see.


The idea behind it was to show you that the road to the American dream has its potholes, high speedbumps, steep hills and sharp turns.

No matter what though, it’s worth it.


And I love it.

Keep going….



If you come from a family like mine, the work all your life to die with dreams left as dreams crowd.  If you have ever felt like you were meant to do more for yourself and others – do it NOW.

You owe it to yourself and those before you who dreamed but never woke up to the reality that was inside them all along.




Find your place as an entrepreneur, business owner, thought leader or whatever you had in mind that’s out of this world, first class bad-ass American dream material.

I know you can do it!

Let me know how it goes and if you need some support.

Now get to work.

For yourself.

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  1. This is really wonderful, Kandis. I only know you from your activism for social justice work. Now that I have read this piece I have even greater admiration for you. I think it is incredibly brave to share the story of your personal desire, and struggle, to build a biz in this dog-eat-dog ameriKKa. You write excellent copy and I am sure you will be rewarded for your craft and persistence. 🙂

  2. I really appreciate how transparent you are about your struggles. This is a great article for a lot of us that want to be entrepreneurs and what to expect.

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