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Don’t Go Out of Business Because of Poor Marketing

A bit of homework to find the right marketer will pay off for your business and your sanity.


When you’re running a business, sometimes you need to outsource some things to get the freedom and profits you desire.  An awesome copywriter is an asset to every type of business out there.

But you’re busy running the show how can you make sure your marketing is reaching those who need you the most?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when looking for help with your marketing.


A Portfolio – Have they done any work?

  • Are they experienced with “real world” proof to show or do they have samples of their writing in their portfolio? You may want to move on if there’s nothing to see.
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The proof is in the portfolio. Make sure you check it out before hiring.

  • Speaking of samples there should be at least 3 different types of content/copy to check out. Example: website copy rewrite, email campaign and a brochure.


  • Do you like their style of writing and tone from having a look through their work?


*note* Some people like to ask for an original sample of writing from copywriters.  While some copywriters may do this, there are many who will not for various reasons.  So be prepared should you decide to ask for a free writing sample from a copywriter to hear “No.”



Is their communication professional?  

  •  Check their website, you can check out how it’s written.  If they wrote the copy on their site, a clear and concise message should catch your attention and keep you interested.

*note*  Make sure to ask if they wrote all the material on their site.


  • Send them a message on their social media, do they respond quickly? This is a great way to see how responsive they are before you work with them.


  • Are they long winded or concise when communicating? This could be a clue of how they write, something to consider when thinking of how you want your content to be.
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Seriously, some people have no idea of what good business is.


  • How well-defined is the statement of work (SOW) and contract when you get to that process. Here’s where they tell you exactly what they’ll be doing for you and what the terms and conditions are.  Make sure these are in line with your needs.



How well does your copywriter work with others?  


  • A major downer for me is a person with an attitude for no reason. #TeamGoodDay is how I roll, especially when it comes to business.  Will your personalities mix well?


  • Who doesn’t like someone who’s easy going?  Being laid back is awesome, but not to the point where it may interfere with productivity.


  • Don’t forget to check out their social media profiles too. There could be clues about how they conduct themselves.  Comments say a lot.



Spend time doing what you love, not time fixing your marketing.

Jane did her homework. Jane found a great copywriter. Jane now makes more money. Be like Jane.

Take time out before you market, start by with a couple of hours researching copywriters.  Build a long-lasting and beneficial relationship with a marketer who can identify your customers desires.

Bringing you more business, naturally.

Finding the right marketer that’s courteous and friendly is totally possible.  You can do this!


Happen to be looking for a copywriter for your company’s journey?  “I’m your huckleberry, that’s just my game.“  (Bonus points for naming the movie that quote is from, it’s one of my all time favs.)


Thanks for reading!  Enjoyed this article?  Let me know and drop a comment below or share it with your peeps.  I really don’t mind.


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