Have a Marketing Plan You Can Be Proud Of

You need a WIN. But if you don’t have these 6 W’s of marketing, you’ll LOSE.



Wait until they see THIS…No really, wait!

As a marketer, you’d think I would’ve had some type of idea how to make it happen for myself.

I had my services to sell, the drive and skill to make it all happen.

But it took a while before it finally did “happen.”

The problem, a classic misstep a lot of newbie entrepreneurs make – I didn’t have a plan.


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Build a strong foundation for your business and you won’t have to wish.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Ways to Quickly Go “Out of Business” if You’re Not Careful



#6 Who: Not having an avatar.


Don’t know what an avatar is, go here. Then come back.

When you don’t have your ideal customer’s “life” figured out, you can’t figure out how your service or product can help them.

If you can’t help someone solve a problem or make their life easier, they won’t buy from you.



#5 What: Does your customer #4 Want?


One thing a lot of business owners assume is that people need their service or product.

While that may be true – people don’t really buy stuff they need.

Remember this one thing: people buy what they want.

Example: Most people may need a car to get from point to point, safely. But, most people want to either look cool getting to those points or make it a status symbol to show they have more money.


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That’s why some people drive a Prius and some drive Aston Martin’s.


#3 Where: Do you find these people?


Business owners sometimes think people will naturally come to them and spend their money.

The fact is, you have to advertise where your target audience hangs out.

No matter if its social media or the supermarket (register receipt backs have prime marketing real estate), you should be there because your avatar is there.

Example: You have a cat grooming biz. Where would cat owners most likely hang out?

Facebook and IG have tons of cat videos, and advertising for you to buy to get yourself in front of people watching kitties doing cute things.

marketing DIY, create your own marketing plan, diy marketing for entrepreneurs

You gotta get your hands dirty a bit to find your ideal market.


#2 When: Timing is everything!


Consistency is key with anything. But you also have to know the best times to engage and how often.

If you use social media to market your business, knowing when your audience’s peak user times are will help for scheduled post.

Twitter is always moving along. An auto-posting tool is super helpful for people who can’t tweet every ten minutes.

Example: You have a product for stay-at-home parents. You want to run ads on the radio to get their attention. If you know your perfect customer well, you’ll know what times they would likely be listening and pick those time slots to advertise to them.


#1 Why: What’s your deal anyway?


This is the single most important thing you could ever find the answer to if you don’t already have it locked down.

If you’re in business for the money, that’s fine. But is that all you’re in it for?

People tend to connect more with brands that have a cause, trying to fix a major crisis or just want to help save the world in their own small way.


Example: There’s a well-known watch company that makes their watches from wood. Every time someone buys a watch, they plant a tree.

They’re giving back to the planet what they take.


Plenty of companies do something for their communities or make global donations of all sorts to make a difference.

Now, I’m not saying your company has to have a grander purpose in mind…

I’m just one of those people that believe humans should be consistently doing more to help other humans and maintain this world we call home.

See your “why” as your mission statement.


Example: The reason why your “_______” does “_______,” it helps to bring “________” to new heights!

Do you get the picture?

Check out my video on “finding your ‘why’” Here


Discovered a marketing problem? GREAT, because now you can FIX it.

When starting out as an entrepreneur there are lots of things you can do wrong.

But always remember: you can always make it right with effort and attention.

It took me some time to work out my own marketing problems.

I learned so well I wanted to make something that will help other entrepreneurs get their marketing focused, with a strategy and set up right away – all for much less then hiring a copywriter (like myself) or a branding/marketing company.

Which could add up to THOUSANDS of $$$$$$.


Survey says: YOU WIN!

Do you consider yourself a “business minded” person?

Got an idea that you want to make into a biz?

Have a business you want and need to be successful?

Want to save thousands of dollars in marketing???


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Much success to you!



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