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9 Ways to Have a Great Copywriting Experience

Having copywriting done for your company says a lot about where you are as a business.  A copywriter can be one of your greatest assets as an entrepreneur … if you cover a few things before and during the project.



To make the process as painless as possible, here are a few more tips around working with your copywriter, from a copywriter’s view.




  1. Find a copywriter whose style you like and can appreciate – For more tips on how to make that process easier check out my blog on finding a copywriter.

    Take the time and find someone who you can vibe with. It’s your money and marketing!


2. Be the ONLY decision maker for the project the copywriter will answer to and communicate with.  Issues can show up if –

  • There are too many “cooks in the kitchen.” This can muddle the scope of the work and make for a mess about message and tone for the copywriter
  • Asking your “marketing friend” for their opinion on work your copywriter is doing and then relaying those opinions (essentially making those opinions yours) can really make a situation very awkward. If you have a marketing friend you can ask for advice, perhaps they can help write the copy for you




  1. Don’t “micro-manage” or over communicate with your copywriter – Honestly, writing is an art form. It takes time to craft the proper message that will speak to people.   Really if you wanted to write the content, you would have, so please don’t tell your copywriter how to their job.  Have the trust you started with when you hired them.



Give and take is important.

  1. Feedback – It’s 100% necessary for both sides to do regularly and correctly –
    • Giving clear, focused and honest feedback is critical for the copywriter to have the best understanding and, therefore, the best chance at making things “right and tight.”
    • Receiving and processing feedback from the copywriter is important too. So, make sure your copywriter feels comfortable with giving you feedback about the project
    • You have your way, the copywriter has theirs and then there’s what’s right for the project and audience who’s taking it all in. Great mutual understanding and good old-fashioned “give and take” go a long way


  1. Have the availability for questions and feedback – this is something that can be added to the project terms and will make the process easier for both parties. Make a weekly or bi-weekly 10-15-minute phone call for just these reasons.  You’ll feel better about everything in the long run.



  1. Make sure everything about how the job will go is laid out from the start
    • Expectations should be set before the project begins. That way the copywriter knows exactly what their job is and your company gets what it needs for its marketing
    • Sometimes, things can come up that will enhance your marketing efforts, these “extras” could be: an email sequence, lead magnet (pdf or blueprint) or Facebook adBe prepared for an extra investment fee and possibly more time being added to the project for these “extras.” Check with your copywriter to make sure it’s possible for additions within the time you have for the project
    • Be prepared for an extra investment fee and possibly more time being added to the project for these “extras.” Check with your copywriter to make sure it’s possible for additions within the time you have for the project

      copywriting for small business

      Make the time for your copywriter if they need clarification.



  1. Have samples of your current style and tone for your copywriter to “feel out” your brand – Every company has its own personality. “Branding” is a whole other job.  If you’re a brand-new company or still haven’t settled on how you want your company to be viewed, be very clear about how you want your message to come across.


  1. “Sign-off” on all the copy you approve of for print – If you’ve cleared any content as good to go, then you should make this clear in writing. The content you like should be as good as gold so the next portion of the project can move forward.  Most copywriters give a certain number of rewrites for the copy they produce.  This insures you’re getting what you pay for and like.  That’s also another reason #4 on the list is super important.

9.  Respect – For many this goes unsaid. But you wouldn’t believe how some people act sometimes.

  • Hopefully you did your homework and picked the proper copywriter for the job.  Ask everything you need to know up front and leave no stone unturned when doing your interviews
  • If the vibe was fine when you started, you had great communication, then it should end the same way.  It’s a 2-way street though, so good luck in your process



Communication is key, the sooner the better and crystal clear being the best.

Hopefully these tips will help you with communicating with your copywriting professional in the future.


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